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    I’m currently running WP1.2 and I would like to find a quasi-integrated photo-album. I’ve seen the hacks for Gallery and Copermine but neither seems able to integrate users login info. For what it is worth, I admin blogs for both my family and for a bunch of liberal arts students. I’m generalising a little, but neither is a particularly clue-full bunch and the thought of having one login for photos-albums and one for the blog is truly frightening. I have exhibit 1.1d installed on the family blog to play with but it is lacking in the features of gallery/Copermine (cannot rate photos, post comments about individual photos, EXIF, etc…).
    So, does anyone know of a photo-package that integrates well with WordPress? By ‘well’ I mean, transparently allowing users to login and write blog entries with text, photos or text+photos…

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  • Run over to WTC and look up two possibilities: One is Pictorialis, which is more of a moblog, and Pictorialis II, which is more of a gallery. Both are completely based on WP, and you have all of the WP functionality at your disposal as well as the extra features added on.
    Mark also has a support forum dedicated to them as well.

    With regards to Pictorialis II, can it be integrated with an existing WP install? I downloaded it but it seemed to be a complete WP package and I don’t really want to have 2 different versions of WP to hack/maintain. It is certainly an option at this point though. Thanks.

    I have a Gallery integration how to on my site.
    Gallery is the best and easiest to set-up.
    View my website as a demo of the integration.

    Oh man! I just got rid of my gallery installation in order to switch over to pictorialis II. I thought it would be too difficult to integrate it with WP. Now someone has gone and done a tutorial! Darn the luck!
    Still, I’d like to check out pictorialis II while I have a chance. So, what about the poster’s previous question… can pictorialis II be integrated into an already existing WP install? If so, how?

    See here. Pictorialis is a separate hack of WP. You can have them running side-by-side but they are separate codes.

    So, the best thing to use right now, if I want the photos to be integrated with the posts I already have is the WP-photos plugin?

    I use Exhibit 1.1d which supports multiple photos and generally works ok. It is a pain to upload lots of photos and I have a problem with captions but it does work. Basically, for each new ‘album’ I create a new directory in my images directory and write a description of the album as a blog post, remembering to tick the ‘photos’ category. I choose the best photo and use it as a thumbnail for the album which appears on the front page. I then wrote a bit of php/css that creates pages to (1) list only the photo-albums (i.e. grab all posts in the photos’ category) and (2) show a nice layout of thumbnail images (9 per page). All of this is possible using the Exhibit package but it took a few days of coding to get it working well.
    My biggest complaint is that creating new directories and uploading photos is a bit hit-and-miss at the moment. Photos that are too large (in kb not pixel dimension) give nasty errors on upload that users find frustrating. Creating directories works for some people but not all. I’ve also had to make the tiny images larger and generally make the upload dialogue box a little easier to understand.

    I’m not anon that began this thread, but I’m looking for the same thing. I installed Exhibit 1.1d, but couldn’t for the life of me get it to work. All I want is for a way to have thumbnails appear with captions under them and have them link to the fullsize image source, letting the browser downsize them if necessary (IE does a wonderful job of that).

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