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  • Hi,
    I’m creating a simple test website, and I’m trying to display a slider in my front page with Temptation integrated Nivo Slider (in Temptation theme options).

    My problem is that when the current slide changes (automatically or by clicking on the arrow), the next slide loads (I can see it during the transition), but instead of displaying correctly when the transition is finished, it’s the last slide that always shows up. I tried many things, including changing order of slides, changing pictures, changing number of slides, reinstalling wordpress 3.9, reinstalling Temptation theme etc., none worked. I checked the source code, PHP code, JS code and I still don’t understand why it’s happening… And nobody on the internet seems to have encountered the same problem.

    I also tested a separated nivo slider (meta slider extension) in a page, there’s no problem with it. But the slider doesn’t adapt to picture’s size, I don’t understand why neither (it’s suposed to be “responsive” ?).

    You can check my website to see the problem :
    Cyclone Slider 2 and Meta Slider on “Wallpapers” page.


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  • Same problem here:
    Any solutions yet?


    I figured out that it uses “bx slider”, which, if used separately, has the same problem with the last slide showing up.
    The only working solution I found was to set the transition effect to a different value than the default “horizontal”. For example, the “fade” transition effect works well.
    However, I tried changing it in Temptation theme source code (temptation/js/bxslider.js), with no effect. I got it finally “working” (horizontal only) by changing different things, but the left-right arrows were gone, with “PREV” “NEXT” vertically wrote instead. Impossible to cancel that, my database had been corrupted… So I destroyed everything.
    I’m actually building my site on local, to see if there’s a difference




    I see you’ve got

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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