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    Does s2member dev are planing to integrate with wpForo plugin?
    I’m interested in some functions to be integrated like profile page and to be able to choose which forum to protect but not whole by URI it would make allot of work to add each forum URI.

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  • You ask the question the wrong way round. The right question would be whether wpForo has any plans to integrate with s2Member.

    If wpForo used custom post types, it would automatically be compatible. But I’ve had this discussion with you before, where I pointed out that wpForo’s failure to use CPTs means that it isn’t scaleable. Here is just one example of that fact.

    Yes you are right, i think is possible wpForo have his own category but that URI is not used will be easier to protect by that URI will have to ask the devs of wpForo on how to enable that category link to be used.

    PS: i found why my site was slow it was Collapsing Categories plugin in combination with custom permalink,strange thing.

    Ah, that figures: that plugin has numerous coding issues. I suggest you try jQuery Categories List instead.

    That is not very good as Collapsing Categories anyway it was fixed long ago by changing permalink from custom one.
    Can you help me with other thing? I was looking from long ago to limit access to WP-Content or uploads folder using s2member if someone access that folder he will be redirected to registration page i found a topic but he did not post the codes on how he did.

    Also this link with code on s2member site not know how to use what to add.

    jQuery Categories List not as good? You must be joking! It’s far superior.

    You can’t reliably limit access to a regular WP folder. That’s why you can’t find a plugin that does so, and the person who posted on the thread to which you linked never said that he did it either. If you want to create a protected folder, it has to be a custom folder.

    He say this.

    I used the ws plugin s2member files dir filter to protect the entire wp-uploads directory

    This mean he was able to protect /uploads/ directory with some kind of filter.

    PS: i will try that plugin but if he not show posts in category or subcategory then not useful for my site.

    But then he describes the fact it’s causing other problems! As I said, “You can’t reliably limit access to a regular WP folder” (emphasis added to make the point).

    Well i will look further on my own as everything is possible, thanks for try to help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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