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  • Hi,

    As Woocommerce Piwik Integration look broke and author doesn’t answer, I try to ask here how to add the support for woocommerce (as this author look a lot more implicated :D)

    I read piwik guide about the essentials 2 functions for ecommerce. And look like on a product page you need to add a _paq.push for eCommerce Product View and potentialy one similar for addToCart.
    And after there is one for the cart and thank you page.

    Is it easy to add the bloc documented on piwik website to your plugin knowing on what page template we are ?
    I’m looking for something to put for exemple in functions.php with add_filter.



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  • Plugin Author braekling


    I’m sorry, but currently there a no plans to support Woocommerce directly by WP-Piwik. I know the WooCommerce team overwrote some WP-Piwik functions some time ago, but they weren’t up to share their plans with me to keep this working.

    Does Woocommerce provide an own API to get the information which has to be pushed to Piwik?

    Because I’m not using Woocommerce, it is hard to answer how hard this would be 😉

    have you looked at this plugin recommended by WooTheme ?

    @yamaryam : yes I check this plugin, that’s the one also the author is refering. It’s not usefull at all, maybe before when they release it. History it’s that this plugin is an extract of the code they have in woocommerce 1.0 because they didn’t keep it in woocommerce 2.0 (maybe for others to do premium plugins …) But it’s not working at all, other users complain on forum and no answers.

    @braekling : yes woocommerce has an API (
    Yes their plugin has not been updated. There is hook avalaible to know if we are one a product page or thank you page, so I was thinking maybe from this it’s possible to add these Piwik methods :
    addEcommerceItem(productSKU, productName, productCategory, price, quantity) for each product on order done
    trackEcommerceOrder(orderId, grandTotal, subTotal, tax, shipping, discount) on order done
    trackEcommerceCartUpdate() every time a user is adding, updating or deleting a product from the cart.
    setEcommerceView( productSKU, productName, categoryName, price ) is used, just before the call to piwikTracker.trackPageView() on the product/category page.

    But as I’m not very familar with web development (as soon it’s more than adding some function in functions.php) I don’t know if it’s a lot of job or by where to start …

    Plugin Author braekling


    Woocommerce integration will be part of version 1.0. A first release candidate is scheduled for the end of July.

    Than you.
    Where it will ne available for test ?

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