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  • Forgive me for not looking very hard, because maybe it’s easy in WordPress, but I’ve been screwing around with expression engine the last couple days, and all I want to do is integrate a blog section into my new Web site. I have my own PHP template style, and my new Web site is going to have a portfolio page, a tutorials page, a page about my services, etc., and I wanted to have a blog as well. I’m new to this and I’ve looked at typo3, mambo, joomla, and expression engine and they all act like a CMS, where I have to build my Web site around them. Can I just have tags that will hook up to a blogger and display the content within my content div on my Web site? Or am I just an idiot? Thanks =)

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  • are you looking to include the ENTIRE wordpress site into another website? or just posts?

    Basically, you can.
    However, if you will have internal blog links on the posts displayed in your website (e.g. pointing to the categories, comments etc.) those will take you – or the visitor – to the blog install with whatever theme is there… presumably loooking totally different than your main site.

    Here is a tutorial how to do it
    but if you want a blog that looks exactly as your existing website – you’ll have to build a theme for WP.

    Ok, I guess my concept of a blog is misaligned then. I thought I could just echo some variables into my PHP page like $title_new, $content_new, etc. from a function from the blog database. Then use the blog front end to update and add entries to the blog database. Yes kappaluppa, I was just thinking put the entire wordpress site into another site.

    1. You can nver put an entire file into another file: you’d end up with 2 of every basic html tags: head, body etc.

    2. You update every kind of blog by using their backend not the frontend.

    3. The method I linked to above does exactly waht you said: is using some pre-maid WP functions (called template tags to display thngs like title, content, permalink etc.

    4. What was/is your concept of a blog?

    Ok, I’ll check out the link. I mean to say back end. Typo =P

    Ok, I’ll check out the link…

    Hmmm. I have to say it seems that your “concept of support is misaligned”! Just for the record: I always give up helping those who post back before reading the recommended resources. Sorry.

    I’ve been reading lots of manuals and tutorials and was hoping to receive some ‘human’ help.

    I used a Iframe, You can see it at

    Oh yeah, and the blog is at

    And it’s ugly… as all the iframe solutions.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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