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  • Is there any plugin for WordPress that lets you add a gallery system into your WordPress pages?

    I don’t want a seperate gallery. Just wondering if there’s a way to integrate it into WordPress.

    Thank you. 🙂

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  • lswon


    Well, I use ESPG, and it’s relatively easy to integrate it into your WP theme 🙂 check it out by visiting my site.

    That looks very nice Iswon. I like your site design too. But I want something like this and this.

    Meaning that I just want a small preview, the next and previous buttons. And when you click on the image, it opens a larger one in a new window. 🙂



    I use gallery2 and the plugin for one of my sites…

    Yeah, I’ve seen that. But something like Iswon posted. But without the folders and all. 🙂



    I use 4images.

    It is not a plugin though. I just integrated the 4images template to make it look seamless.



    I’m looking for something like that too noel877, i guess you created a template or something with the 4images code in it? Or how else did you achieve such a thing.



    I’ll be modifiying a gallery ver 1.5 template to look like my WP theme in the next few days. After I’ve finished it up I’ll try to write up some instructions… the ones at pibby are a little out of date.

    I won’t be integrating the databases together though… that’s out of my league!



    Thanks, all help and hints are appreciated. The main thing for me is integration with gallery in my wp. That means, it has to fit in my templates.



    Also… for those interested (since I’m getting some hits from this thread on my personal site). I use Geeklog at, I like it much better. However for sites that other people might have to mess with at some point I use WP. WP is so much simpler to explain how to use.

    The site in question for this thread is the gallery layout is close to being finished, but not yet…. Just have to work out some width issues.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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