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    Excellent Plugin, with some spectacular functionalities. I would like to know how to show a hidden dynamic field, generated in the Form, in a specific area of ​​the site. Thank you

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    Can you clarify more on what you mean by “show a hidden dynamic field”?

    The nature of a hidden field is that it’s not visible to human users. If you can provide the URL of the page you need help with and more detail about where on the page you need it displayed, I can help you further. Perhaps it’s in the header or footer, not necessarily the content, but it’s unclear to me what you need.


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    Thanks for answering.

    I would like to be able to show “CF7_guid” within one of the screens of the Contact Form Entries Plugin.

    Plugin Author Tessa (they/them), AuRise Creative


    Okay, I’m assuming you’re referring to this Contact Form Entries plugin. In which case, I tested both of these shortcodes in a Contact Form 7 form and their values appeared in the “CRM Entries” screen.

    [dynamictext visible-guid "CF7_guid"]
    [dynamichidden hidden-guid "CF7_guid"]


    • I clicked on the CRM Entries in the left-hand WordPress admin sidebar
    • At the top, there is a dropdown titled Form Entries and I selected the form I created that had those fields (this automatically refreshed the page)
    • In the very top-right of the screen, click Screen Options to reveal its options
    • Since the name attribute of my fields were visible-guid and hidden-guid, it looks like the plugin is showing them as Visible Guid and Hidden Guid with checkboxes so I can show/hide them in the columns on that screen
    • If I hover my mouse over an entry and click View that appears, that’ll take me to the entry submission and I can see those prettified names and values there too

    So from my understanding, there isn’t anything additional you need to do unless you can’t already see them and need to use the Screen Options to show them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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