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    I’d like to be able to use the Sparkpost HTTP API to send the MailPoet newsletters. My host doesn’t allow SMTP setup.

    Is this possible at all or will there be future support for this? I’ve used the hidden MailPoet option to send via WP Mail and I got it to work, but the email is not displayed properly and appears as plain text although both plain text and html mime parts are present.

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    Unfortunately we don’t plan on adding API support for this service in the future.

    I’ve recently had the same problem moving from Mandrill to Sparkpost. The Sparkpost wpmail plugin works for sending other emails from our site but MailPoet emails end up as DK describes (both HTML and plain text present but both are plain text).

    Looking through the Mailpoet emailing code, I found what looks like a bug that explains this. Lines 329-330 of wp_content/plugins/wysija-newsletters/helpers/mailer.php (function wpmail_init()) look like this:

    $phpmailer->Body = $this->AltBody;
    $phpmailer->AltBody = $this->AltBody;

    To see whether this was the problem, I changed these lines in our install to:

    $phpmailer->Body = $this->Body;
    $phpmailer->AltBody = $this->AltBody;

    And now our Mailpoet emails work fine with the Sparkpost plugin! Mailpoet, if this is all that the problem is, is there any chance you could fix it? Many thanks.

    Plugin Author MailPoet


    Hi Tony,

    We will look into this. Thanks for your help.

    I can confirm that the fix suggested by ‘tony_phillips’ corrected the formatting issues when sending newsletters with SparkPost.

    How do you access the hidden MailPoet option to send via WP Mail?

    Plugin Author MailPoet


    Here’s how to use the SparkPost API on the latest 2.7.2 version: MailPoet’s Settings page > Send with tab > Third Party > type “” on the hostname field. The API Key will show up.

    Awesome thank you mailpoet!

    Is injecting mail using the API faster then SMTP?

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