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    A while back I transferred my blog to a new server and I decided that I wanted more speed, so I had a go with a couple of those cache plugins and then the problems started.

    After a few late nights struggling with one issue after another including frequent permissions related problems I decided to make a clean break this morning, so after making a backup of the old blog I deleted everything and began with a fresh install which is visible online at

    My first action after entering was to try and delete the Hello Dolly plugin and I am not even allowed to do that. It comes back with an error message saying it was not possible to delete hello.php. When I try to alter the permissions for that file currently set at 644 I am denied permission. Can anybody tell me what is happening here? I’ve never had many problems in the past with WordPress but lately I can’t seem to make anything work.

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  • More than likely what is going on is not just the permissions, but the owner/group of the file.

    I would check with your host, but you probably need the files in your wp-content/plugins/ directory to be apache/apache instead of root/root or whatever they are now so that PHP actually can delete the files through the WordPress console.

    I am on a dedicated server and I installed the database at root level but for my user. That shouldn’t be a problem, but evidently something is not right. I’ve just checked using my FTP program and permissions for blog etc. are set to 755, but the actual Hello Dolly file is set to 644 and it won’t allow me to change that via simple FTP unless I log in as root user.

    I’ve just deleted the database and set up a new one from inside the user control panel but the result is the same. This is really perplexing.

    I seem to be getting there now. For some reason that I can’t understand when I checked on the folders via FTP at root they were indeed owned by root but why that was the case I have no idea. I’ve made some changes and it does now seem to working more smoothly, though I’ll keep an eye on how everything works for the next hour or so before declaring it solved. At least I was able to delete the hello dolly plugin now.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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