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  • I have attempted twice to upload new media, jpg, to media library and when doing so, my site hangs or freezes. (photo is 190KB which before has not been a problem)
    The tech says:

    “the error message you’re getting when uploading and posting media, and it appears that there is insufficient memory to perform certain actions in WordPress. The system allows a single PHP instance to utilize 68M of memory; while the latest version of WordPress requires at least 64M, certain plugins and themes will attempt to use more and may fail when they reach that limit. I recommend trying to disable some plugins and themes and attempting the upload again.”

    This just does not seem right for WordPress.
    Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a conflict of plugins, a problem with my server or what? I have no clue.
    btw.. in both cases, a tech was able to clear up the issues of my site inability to process its PHP queries. Site is now running and I have not attempted to process anything else nor disable any plugins….. please help.

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  • It maybe your host is restricting server resources.

    You can increase the limits in your php ini file if they allow it and deactivate all plugins, then try to upload.

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