• The author responded quickly but did not offer any help.

    I sent the author images of the differences between what I was seeing and his instructions and this was his response.

    “I don’t know what are the differences are you seeing as this free support is not advanced, only with the premium version in the premium support platform we investigate further asking the administrator access and so on.”

    So it seems like for the free version you do not get the instructions that match it.

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  • There are differences between free and premium version as written in the readme, in the documentation, in the demo website and the plugin website.
    The getting started documentation https://docs.codeat.co/glossary/getting-started/ explains how to use the auto-injection feature that is available in the free version, but on your support request you had issues on saving the Glossary terms you were creating, probably for a plugin conflict.
    The premium version offers a more active support where we ask the admin access as example, so we can investigate for you and the free plan doesn’t have that kind of support.

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