Instinct eCommerce plugin: having difficulty with Paypal, need help... (1 post)

  1. Spencer Hill
    Posted 5 years ago #

    So I'm integrating the latest version of the WordPress eCommerce plugin by Instinct and I'm at the point where I'm enabling Paypal and Google Checkout but I'm having some difficulty.
    I began by enabling Paypal Express, entering the appropriate credentials it request and updating. Then I enabled Paypal Express from the clients Paypal account. Then I ran a test transaction, but instead of redirecting the user to a Paypal page it just leads them directly to the "Transaction Results" page.
    So I attempted to setup Paypal Standard, so I disabled Paypal Express and selected Paypal Standard, entered the appropriate credentials and ran a test transaction. But still the user gets forwarded directly to the "Transaction Results" page again.

    Can anyone give me some insight as to what I'm doing wrong here? Thank you!

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