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    hi guys, first timer here.
    just downloaded instantwordpress…
    I have a word press user and pw…
    though when I want to enter in both details are not recognised…?
    any tip is welcomed…anybody?

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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    I’m not familiar with that software. WordPress is pretty easy to install if you simply download it here and follow these instructions.

    Instant WordPress being a third party solution, you may need to ask them for help.

    thank u…do i need to connect first via my web host’s c-panel first?

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    Setting up hosting is a good first step. You could set up a local install, but setting up hosting is easier and some hosts also have WordPress quick install.

    Thank you Christine…that’s why I’m having difficulties…my host at the moment is not responding to my emails…so I am in a bit of a limbo…and the local setting up it doesn’t seem easy to handle…unless there was a any case I cannot do anything…

    instantwordpress? Is that this?

    If so, that has nothing to do with a host, the internet, or anything of that sort.

    The program I linked to is a way to open a wordpress install locally, on your own computer – for testing or development maybe.

    yes thats right…Im having difficulty to get in touch with my host…he has relocated in singapore…so its not easy for me to install WP at the momen…Is there any otherway to install WP you know of?

    Well… we have 2 issues here… instantwordpress and hosting

    Let’s divide the 2

    1) instantwordpress is for use on your computer only – nothing to do with your host. It has nothing to do with actually installing a wordpress website on your server to make a website. So if you wish to have a website, online, using wordpress – disregard instantwordpress – unless you use it for testing or something.

    2) you really shouldn’t need to contact your host to install wordpress – do you have your username and password? can you log on to your server / host?

    if so – you can install wordpress! – do you have a domain name? You would need one which is pointed at your hosting account to be able to access it normally

    Then – the links @christine posted in the second post here tell you how to download and install wordpress

    Also – some hosts offer 1 click setups of wordpress – you log on to your server, find something called apps, or services, or something – it’s different on various hosts. And follow the process they provide – this doesn’t exist on all hosts, you would have to investigate yours.

    ok…thats a bit refreshing.. I thought was mandatory to access the c-panel via ur host server…i saw to tubetutorials…thats why..i have all what is needed…dname, user+ password that i use if i want to upload something to my host server to do with my website…… I will try to have a go and follow both urs + christine’s intructions and see what happens…

    hi there I have my username and password…but I cannot install wordpress…anybody with some enlightment please?

    Who is your webhost?

    hi I have managed to upload the WP files on the root directory…gor all settings from host in singapore…who confirms I have to install WP form wiothing browser…tried to that …but is not happening

    finally I managed to get in…thank u everyone for the support

    good morning forum…as I mentioned yesterday…finally I managed to get in WP. I have a question: at the moment I will be using a secondary domain where I can do all changes and testing…yet I want to publish the so crated ws on the primary domain…I think is as simple as to take the entire WP directory from the secondary and drop it into the primary one… is that correct or will I experience other issues? anybody?

    Hi…I have installed Response theme from CyberChimps… if I try to upload an image onto a page… the message: “chessboard.jpg” has failed to upload due to an error.
    Unable to create directory wp content/uploads/2012/09.
    Is its parent directory writable by the server?
    Not sure what to do….is it the theme…or do I have settings to configure in WP to permit files/images uploads?

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