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  • Hello all!

    Has ANYONE had any luck taking an Instant WordPress site from the local installation to live on a server??? I have read through the eBook, followed it step by step, Googled every possible angle and read every possible post on the codex and cannot get the site to work live!! I’ve built a couple of sites on Instant WordPress which include hours and hours of work and will have to completely redo them if I can’t make this work. I want to at least get these ones up and then try something different (like building in a sub-directory) after these are up. I’m not good with php files and all the database stuff that goes with WordPress (just started using it). So I’m going to need very specific instructions.

    Specifically, when I migrate a site I am using Filezilla to move the plugins, themes and uploads files to the wp-content folder. Then using the “Tools – Export/Import” function to bring in the content. The content comes in fine, but I get “failure” notices for all the media and the media library is empty except for an oddly named .xml.txt file. And I cannot figure out how to make the URLs go from the Instant WordPress local URL’s to the actual domain name. I tried using the Velvet Blue plugin and it messed the whole site up. I finally had to just delete the whole installation so I can start over.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I’m about to pull my hair out and am not looking forward to having to recreate all these sites all over again! Please, please help me!


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  • To migrate a WP site, using this plugin is probably the easiest way to do so

    From the plugin “Description” …

    Please do not attempt to use the plugin if you’re new to WordPress or have a limited technical background.

    From the O/P …

    I’m not good with php files and all the database stuff that goes with WordPress (just started using it).

    You may not want to attempt this route 🙂

    On your Go Daddy (GD) account …
    – what type of hosting account is it? Linux or Windows (sure hope it’s Linux – don’t worry, your won’t “see” it, just that WP works better with it).
    – Did you create a database there yet? Do you know how to use the database admin tool (phpMyAdmin)?
    – is there an existing web site of any kind already in the root of your hosting account? You need one domain to be associated with your hosting account and this becomes the Primary domain. You can add others later (if you have purchased that level of an account).

    I have not used “Instant WP” nor the “automatic” WP installs offered by GD or any other hosts … I prefer to move my local installs manually as that way I am “forced” to understand how things work 🙂

    In the meantime, I’ll take a look at this “instant thing” to see how it works.


    Thank you for the replies! Self-Hosted – per the instructions in the manual I bought from the Instant WordPress guy, I did try the duplicator plug-in, but ran into issues with it and it never worked. Don’t remember the issues specifically because I’ve tried a couple of different ways and each time the result was different, but not what I wanted.

    Lyle…I’m in total agreement with you…I want to understand how all this stuff works! Just not there yet and need to get sites up and running and learn as I go. For your questions:

    – Not all the sites are on, but the one that I tried to migrate was on Not sure on the server, but I think it is Linux because WordPress sites on GoDaddy won’t work on their Windows servers. I know this because my own site was hosted on Windows and I had to change to linux when I changed to WordPress.

    – When you click the INSTALL WP button in it asks you for the domain and then sets up the database for you automatically and installs the basic WP files you need to get started. I’ve never done a manual install. Need to learn that. Not familiar with the phpMyadmin database tool.

    – yes, for some of mine, there is already a website there and we want to change it to WordPress. Others are starting from scratch.

    I think I probably need to find someone local to me who can tutor me on all this stuff. I WANT to learn it!! But it’s frustrating trying to learn it without someone there to help trouble shoot and explain when things don’t go as planned.


    If you want to learn the details with WP installation, try this ebook from WordPress To Go

    Or try this

    pinkplaid – having the same types of problems you are. Everyone says you can get a WP site up in an hour, but that is because they’ve spent a large amount of time getting to that point! You start out on one topic (product import/export for example) and the next thing you know you are 3 hours into it and your site still isn’t correct.

    Seriously, WP Migrate DB Pro appears to be a bit easier, but I started with duplicator and was able to bring my site down to use within InstantWP. Now using a premium theme and trying to get my site set up the way I want in a development mode, rather than on the production site.
    Let me know if I can help out in any other way.

    This may be too late, but I found this YouTube video useful with respects to migrating the content from local to server side. The video is a bit rushed, but the steps are still captured.

    Transfer WordPress To Web Server From Local Host

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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