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    I am new to forum as a member, but was using the previously listed topics for my wordpress issues. The forums are very helpful.

    But, on a little(but I was tired) search for my current issue could not get me any related topic.
    So.. here is my issue.
    I have started using Instant wp from a week or so, but, today when I setup a new Instant wp copy on my desktop, and imported the Backup – .xml,theme folder, and .sql file from the original site, then the site opened after a little header already bugs,
    When I open WordPress Admin in Instant wordpress, it doesn’t accept the default “password” as the password.
    It became a little more confusing, as the Username to the original site is same as the default username “admin” for instant wp.

    My problem is : How do I log in to the local server copy of the original site?
    Also when the Authentication window opens it opens in the local server as the address begins with :: “127.0 … .. “.

    Is there something that I left to change, in the files that I imported?
    I just changed the database name in the wp-config.php of local site.

    Please, advice.
    Any help is appreciated and Thanks to all the brilliant brains here.


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  • Upon reading, I myself couldn’t understand the problem.

    Actually, in the Instant wordpress, when I try to log in with
    Username : admin
    Password : password

    It shows me an error.

    When I log in with
    Username : admin
    Password : (one with original site hosting)

    It logs me in original wordpress site, and not in Localhost.
    Username is same for both. Instant wp and original wp.

    I want to use the Instant wp for my trial work, but how can I log into it?

    I suggest doing a fresh install of wordpress on your local machine and not importing the sql from your live site.

    If you must import the sql, you are going to have to do a search and replace for the url of the live site and change it to your local address.

    And if you are using a clone of the database, then the username and password should be the same, make sure you have identical salts in your wp-config.php.

    Thanks for your time.

    I have tried re-installing, it actually works well before importing.
    But, I want to test the current site, and add new plugins/modify theme in my local computer.

    Do not I have to import .sql file?

    I just made up a backup file of the active database from my Godaddy account, and as it goes I created a blank database and imported that .sql fine into it.
    It worked fine. Site opens on localhost when I view wordpress frontpage, but.. it does not log me into local wordpress.

    My motive is to migrate a current website, with a number of plugins to my local computer.
    Its associated data base has a lot of tables for plugins, if I do not import that sql, it just don’t show the site correctly.

    What should I do to achieve what I am trying to.

    It’s redirecting you because it still has your original url in the database, like I said before, you are going to have to do a search and replace.

    INSERT INTO wp_client_images VALUES (21,17,’ Shot 2012-08-29 at 4.21.01 A’,1,’technology’),

    I opened the .sql file in Notepad++, and on searching for site name), it brought 610 entries related.

    Should I change this address to my local themes folder?

    I don’t know what is it going.

    I have installed Instant wp in a new folder on the desktop.
    I didn’t do any import of theme/plugins/sql, but this copy is also showing the wordpress login screen to my original domain.
    It is showing a log of original site, over the login window.


    Thanks for all the help.

    But, I left that work, and re-installed Instant wp to new folder.
    Now, upto this point I have imported:
    1. Theme (by copying it in the instant wp-content folder)
    2. Posts (by export/import in wp)

    And, not to run in the same problem again, I would appreciate your details about how should I import my database of the original site?

    The site has a number of plugins installed, I want them to be included and working in offline local site also.

    I know need to import database, without it is showing the error ::

    atal error: Call to undefined function shailan_dropdown_menu() in C:\Users\mahavir\Desktop\VijethPurli\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\violethive\header.php on line 191

    Please, help on the matter.


    Please help.

    I need to get it on my local wordpress.

    I am just confused with what to change is .sql file.

    <title>Business Hive</title>
    	<pubDate>Sat, 15 Sep 2012 19:14:53 +0000</pubDate>

    The .sql file have about 600 entries involving the “”..
    which ones to change and which ones not?
    Any help on this matter?

    I got the Theme and Post visible in,

    But, the plugins(like slider in the header) and Images of the posts are not showing.

    Are they in .sql file?

    I have changed its status to “Resolved”.

    I think I was asking wrong question.
    Thanks for all help.

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