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    Sorry if I ask basic questions but I’m pretty basic.

    I downloaded Instant WordPress and am now many hours into designing/programming my website.

    1.) By just downloading Instant WordPress to my desktop computer, is it running off-line where no-one can see it? The address bar has an IP address so is this public?

    2.) I’m moving soon. If it works off the IP address how will it know it’s me when I move?

    3.) I never changed the Admin/Password sign in. Nor was ever asked to create a username/new password or even sign up for WordPress. Should I have?

    4.) Should I back up the files somewhere? How? Where? I’d kill myself if I had to start all over.

    5.) I read on another post that photos might or are lost when you upload the Instant WordPress to a hosting server to go live? Is this true? I sure as heck don’t want to have to input them all in again. Some of my photos are input by the WordPress page “input media” button and some are hosted outside WordPress and <img src…> into the code. Have I just screwed myself?

    6.) Should I get an outside host now? Can I work offline there just as easily as I do now with Instant WordPress? I was trying to save the monthly hosting cost until I was ready.

    7.) I’m buying a new laptop tomorrow. Instant WordPress is now on my desktop computer. Do I install Instant WordPress on the new laptop and then it will know it is me by my IP address?….so I can work on both computers.

    8.) Anything else a newbie should know about developing my site on Instant WordPress and then finding out I’m the only red headed pig at the county fair and destined for the slaughter house?

    Thanks in Advance!

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  • Instant WordPress is a stand alone application. Everything you do with WordPress using Instant WordPress is stored inside of the directory you extracted it to, and can be copied and stored anywhere on your pc.

    Start with the Instant WordPress documentation.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Where you will also find this info: So how do I move a website from Instant WordPress to a web server on the internet? You can find out more in our guide for Instant WordPress Power Users.”

    Some other helpful documents

    WordPress Backups

    Moving WordPress

    Okay, I get the basics. Thanks for the links.

    I just bought a new laptop today.

    What is the easiest, simplest way to get my Instant WordPress files/site onto my laptop so I can work on it from the laptop?

    Will it update my edits from both machines?

    What is the most simple widget to Backup my site?


    What is the easiest, simplest way to get my Instant WordPress files/site onto my laptop so I can work on it from the laptop?

    Copy and Paste. Move the entire Instant WordPress directory to your new laptop and will run just like it did on the old one.

    I refer you again to the Instant WordPress documentation;

    “Instant WordPress is a complete standalone, portable WordPress development environment. It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It will even run from a USB key.”

    Will it update my edits from both machines?

    Absolutely not. Two separate machines, two separate instances.

    Also, if you didn’t see this already, it’s worth taking a look at.

    What is Instant WordPress?

    [edit] you can backup your database for saving and future use using the phpMyAdmin database backup instructions. phpMyAdmin is found under the MySQL Admin tools in the Instant WordPress menu.

    What do I copy?

    Do I just right click on whatever it is and select copy and then paste it somewhere?….then Email it to myself so I can download onto my new laptop?

    I have a folder on my desktop Instant WordPress created with the following folders:
    * iwserver (folder)
    * loader (folder)
    * system (folder)
    * InstantWP
    * InstantWP.exe.manifest
    * ReadMe

    I copied the * InstantWP file and sent it by to my email and then downloaded it onto my new laptop, but it doesn’t open on the new laptop.

    I tried to upload the entire Instant WordPress folder that is on my desktop to but my computer then wants me to select a file within the folder.

    I have looked at the Database section to save the Database and can’t figure out what to save per the instructions and when I selected All it resulted in an error.

    On the left is:
    * information_schema (28)
    * mysql (17)
    * phpmyadmin (7)
    * server3go (1)
    * wordpress (11)

    In the middle is Database with all of the above but only the bottom 3 are available for checking. I selected check all and create new Database name and got the following error:

    db_create.php: Missing parameter: new_db (FAQ 2.8)

    I looked at the FAQ 2.8 and the solutions are way over my head.

    All I want to do is copy, paste, transfer to new laptop.

    Thanks in advance.

    You’re making it infinitely more difficult for yourself than it really is. Surely you’ve moved files between machines before. Copy. Then Paste. That’s it. I’m not sure why you would try to email or upload it anywhere. The directory is over 230MB.

    Copy the InstantWP_4.3 directory:

    – Right click on it and select copy. Put your thumb-drive or USB drive in the pc and paste it to the USB device. Alternately, burn it to a CD.

    – Put the USB stick or the CD in your new pc, and reverse the process by Copy and Paste from the removable media to the new destination.

    IT WORKED!!! Thank you for your patience with my learning curve! Greatly appreciated.

    Yep, my old trusty 2001 IBM desktop has welcomed the new Samsung Series 7 Gamer to carry on the torch! All men and computers must some day give way to the newer and stronger. Nope, never had the need to transfer files to another computer, my faithful IBM’er did the job just fine on it’s Windows 2000 operating system and never complained!

    Thanks again for the basic fix to use one of those little memory dudads. All of the packaging never listed them as Windows 2000 compatible and they weren’t invented yet, back in the day, so never had a need for one.

    One last question please…..

    Now that I have my files and Instant WordPress on the new computer, I want to finish this website on the desktop IBM old computer because I’m way more skilled on that machine. I’m just getting the hang of Windows 7 and the new look and speed and it will slow me down in the short term until I master it.

    What is the easiest way, to “update” the new edits made on the old machine IW and get them updated on the new machine IW?

    Or should I just do a new copy/paste like I did today and trash the older edit version each time? I know how to do this, so maybe this is the simplest way?

    Thanks Again for your help!! Greatly appreciated!


    my old trusty 2001 IBM desktop

    Ha! I still have an old IBM NetVista that just keeps chugging away, too. They never seem to die, they just get older!

    What is the easiest way, to “update” the new edits made on the old machine IW and get them updated on the new machine IW?

    In reality, the best way is probably going to be just keeping the two in sync by updating the copy on your laptop by occasionally doing another copy-paste from your desktop like you did today. It might not hurt to rename the Instant WordPress directory on your laptop (maybe just add a date to the end of the file name) each time you update from the desktop. Or, you might just move the old versions to a backup folder in your documents, rather than deleting them. That way you can always go back and look at an older version if you get hung up at some point.

    Glad you got things moved around okay. Enjoy the new laptop!


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