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  • In the instant search settings in this plugin I am given the option to change which indices I would like to appear in the autocomplete. However, I just noticed that a separate index called “all_searchable_posts” when “Use Algolia in the Backend” is set in the Search Page settings.

    What I would prefer is that there is one main index for just products. My first thought was to, in the instant search settings, just uncheck the Products index created by the instant search and select “all_searchable_posts” but then I notice that non-product posts (wishlists, blog posts, pages, etc.) all then show up in the instant search which isn’t ideal.

    It seems though since only products are displayed on the Search Page, that something is excluding non-product posts from the main search.

    So, with all that said. Is there a way to only show product pages in the instant search when it is utilizing the “all searchable posts” index? Or, is there another way to accomplish what I am trying to do here?

    Many thanks for any help here.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    Instant search always uses the searchable_posts index. That index will contain all post types that WordPress can normally search, unless some custom code is added to modify the post types that are indexed there.

    Autocomplete can be configured to use the searchable_posts index, or individual indices per post type (via the checkboxes).

    It is looking like you may be confusing the autocomplete and instant search settings pages. The checkboxes are on the autocomplete settings page. That is independent of the instantsearch settings.

    We have a response in a different thread that detailed this pretty well for Jon Dingman’s similar questions here: (though he wasn’t asking specifically about WooCommerce)

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