• I was intimidated when I was asked to install a special script for Optinopoli to the bottom of each page of my web site. How do you do that with a WP blog, I wondered? I know how to do it with a static HTML site, but I was puzzled. Then, I was directed to this plugin. It was a bit confusing at first because the plugins page doesn’t show you what to do with the plugin once it’s activated. Other plugins I’ve used show an easily visible link down the left column of the Dashboard.

    I’m not a programmer by any means so, for people like me, it might be helpful if the creators added some sort of direction on the plugins page. Like, some show right there: Settings, which you click to use it. Optinopoli doesn’t have that. However, after a quick search down my dashboard, I discovered it by clicking my Settings tab. From there it was simpler than 1,2,3. Two quick and easy steps and I was done.

    Once I found it, using it was instant gratification! I love using this plugin.

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