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    hello there,

    reservation mails work with manuel booking mode but when i tried instant booking mode i couldn’t get any auto generated reservation mail.

    thanks in advance

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    That’s weird, nobody reported this issue. So this is probably something related to your installation.

    First, are all the emails enabled in Hotelier > Settings > Emails?

    Are you using any custom subject or heading there? If yes, try to use the default values.

    Are you overriding the email templates? If yes, try to use the default ones.

    Also, try with different emails. Try to change both: “From” email address and the guest’s email.


    No I’m not using any custom heading or subject. All of them are default.
    when i select manual booking, reservation mails are coming. so the mail settings must be ok.
    i wanted to use paypal standart gateway with manual booking but failed. So i switched to instant booking mode..
    when i select instant booking, paypal options worked but admin and guest couldn’t get any mail from the system.


    Plugin Author benitolopez


    Did you complete the payment?

    Also, please try to reserve a room without a payment (no deposit) in instant mode. Do the emails work in that case?

    Yes i completed the payment in sandbox mode.

    I tried reserve a room without a payment in instant mode and got the mails.

    How can i use paypal payments in manual booking mode?

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    And did you go back to your WP installation completing the PayPal process? Is it confirmed in your backend? Or pending?

    Anyway, seems something related to PayPal. I will check it.

    You can’t use payments in manual mode. Manual mode requires admin approval before confirming a reservation. There’s not much point in charging the reservation before it’s confirmed. If you decide not to confirm it then you have to make a refund. And at this point, just use the instant mode and refund when you need to.

    when i go back to wp>hotelier>reservations i can see the booking record. Its status is “pending”. also i can see the record on paypal sandbox notification screen.

    “Enforce SSL booking” is enabled. Could it be related to this?

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    Ok, you’re not receiving the emails because the reservation was not confirmed after the PayPal process. The status is pending. So the email notifications system is working. Emails in instant mode are sent after the confirmation.

    The problem seems related to PayPal sandbox in your case.

    I tried right now with a test installation and everything went fine. So there’s probably something wrong on your server or on your PayPal sandbox configuration.

    First, in Hotelier > Logs check the PayPal log. Also, please note that PayPal works in this way:

    1. You make a request to PayPal
    2. After the payment, PayPal sends an IPN request to your server and that request is the one that confirms the reservation. In the log, you should find this entry” “Received valid response from PayPal”.

    So your server must accept external requests and must be online of course. Check your firewall if any. If you can’t find that entry in the log, that’s the problem. PayPal is not able to contact your server and you need to debug it yourself.

    i tried it 2 more different server but every things are the same.

    I checked the log file. last 3 entries are like this;

    05-03-2020 @ 03:23:00 – Received valid response from PayPal
    05-03-2020 @ 03:23:00 – Found reservation #616
    05-03-2020 @ 03:23:00 – Payment status: confirmed

    payment status looking like confirmed in log file but looking like pending in the hotelier>reservations screen.

    Could it be related to server, paypal account or hotel timezone settings?

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    Plugin Author benitolopez


    To me, it is something related to your PayPal sandbox configuration. As I said yesterday, I’ve tried a test payment and everything went fine.

    Anyway, I can’t help you from here. I need to see the website to figure out what’s going on. Please write your email address here so I can contact you and get your login details privately.

    thank you

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    Problem has been solved. It was related to paypal sandbox configuration as you said.

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