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    Hello, has anyone tried to allow instant access for certain IP addresses? I am interested in using this plugin in our online book store new membership section. Our membership site will be equipped with menu scripts and books in Southeast Asian Ancient History studies. We will have 3 kinds of membership. Free (where individuals can view sneak peak and able to buy per post), Basic – mostly for history junkies (where each members pay $49/year to access to our database), and Premium – $299/Year (Institutions and Organizations with multiple computers using per account).

    We have made an agreement with some Institutions and university libraries, upon detecting their IPs the website will allow them (their computers) instant access to our online database. We were told that their students will be using school’s computers from the library to access our database so it must be instant access at all times for these people. Can anyone suggest me how can we allow these institutions instant access by skipping the login page. Thanks

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  • While I’m certainly not familiar with how every university does things like this, what you’re describing isn’t the whole picture so far as the institutions I’m aware of are concerned.

    What happens with all those I know is that every individual user is registered somewhere. Relying on IP address alone would be a major security problem, because anyone could come on campus and use the computers to do untold damage. Having defined usernames and passwords also means that it is possible to trace individual activity, and to store results of an individual’s searches for future reference.

    So either (a) the users register with you, the provider, in which case they must use a university email address (or you are simply given a list of users by the university, and then you register them), or (b) the users register with the university, and then use their university ID to access the route to your system.

    Either way, their ID is authenticated by username and password. In one case, it happens on your site; in the other, it happens on the university’s site, and those details are then passed on to you, so the users are then logged in immediately. I suggest you discuss with these institutions which you both would prefer.

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