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  • @harterharry please call the sherif, the army, etc. now!

    Everyone else: the plugin doesn’t “install” anything and it’s 100% GDPR compliant.

    Your polemic and unsubstantial reply is even more revealing than your arrogant and provoking attitude. What “everyone else” says, tells nothing about the facts. The FACT is, that YOUR plugin installs social trackers from . . . facebook!

    So, for “everyone else”: just do a simple check with, e.g. ghostery and THEN decide yourself if you want to “call the sherif” as this a*hole here suggest, OR simply uninstall this intrusive piece of software, which spies out your visitors!

    Facts should be proven, otherwise they’re just chats.

    The source code is public and human readable, so please show us just a line of code from this plugin that let me spy visitors.

    In my opinion, what is really revealing is the fact your previous posts (on other threads) were removed by moderators as they were considered as trolling posts.

    Dude, you are pussyfooting around. ” . . .that let me spy visitors” ? Who said that YOU are spying?? Blaming me as “troll” doesn’t make your comments more substantial either, actually they are just chats.

    In my opinion, and this is “facts-proven” as everyone can check out themselves, Your crappy plugin installs trackers. SO, i suggest, you just do an update where these trackers are removed instead of talking BS all day long.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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