• After installing this plugin, all the visitors of your website will start loading a third-party JavaScript from Iubenda’s website, thereby increasing their exposure to potential surveillance.

    Don’t be fooled by the cookie-consent hype. Avoid the need for cookie consent in EU/EEA by using cookie-less solutions. Uninstall all your third-party resources and trackers.

    See also the European Data Protection Board: “EDPB adopts Guidelines on Right of Access and letter on cookie consent”.

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  • Plugin Author iubenda


    thank you for your feedback!

    Our solution is embedded in the website, meaning you need a little javascript to make our solutions work on the website.

    This is more or less what you do when you install manually our solution on a website, you generate for example the Cookie Solution using our configurator and we provide you with a script to embed in your site.

    We guarantee that we don’t log anything on the website, besides the anonymous consent stats that are available to the user.

    Please also note that the “cookie” you are talking about it’s a technical cookie which contains the “consent” or “rejection” to the installation of cookies, and it’s not used for profiling purposes.

    Here you can find a detailed Privacy Policy of the Cookie Solution for further info about the technical cookie: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/36700132

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