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    while my self-hosted WP sites are perfectly running online, I’m now trying to have a local install in order to pimp my theme with Dreamweaver.

    Setup: Mac, 10.6.8, MAMP running.

    I followed the installation procedure as shown on
    and double checked with the installation guide at

    MAMP Servers both running, with standard ports 80 / 3306 as recommended on the Adobe site.
    WP files copied to MAMP/htdocs/
    Database created, user with privileges created

    running http://localhost/wp-admin/install.php leads to:
    “There doesn’t seem to be a wp-config.php file.”

    creating a wp-config.php file according to (both with localhost and localhost:80) leads to
    “Error establishing a database connection”

    What can I do now?

    Thanks in advance, C.

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  • Is MySQL definitely running? Have you made the database and user?

    Yes William, definitely. Both lamps in MAMP green; database, user, appropriate privileges. Double checked with pre-set and recommended ports as well.

    Meanwhile I’d set debug mode in the config file to true, which brought an additional “mysql access denied for user” etc. statement which could mean pretty much anything, as far as I could tell after an hour of googling. And while trying to repair this, I accidentally shredded my complete MySQL installation so I’ll have to start over 🙁

    Next on my list to try: – maybe this’ll work smoother…

    Thanks anyway so far.

    You could always set up a remote server and set up the theme’s directory as a site in Dreamweaver if all else fails.

    Good to know – I thought this wouldn’t be possible. Currently the Bitnami installation is running locally though 🙂

    Thanks again for your quick responses!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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