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  • Hi everyone,

    I tried to install wordpress on my local computer, using wampserver. I followed the steps of the tutorial starting with extracting wordpress, creating the database and user, granting rights, and creating the config.php file.

    I then launch install.php.

    The script seems to install properly all the table of the database (so I guess there’s no error in my config file) but fail to create a user.

    The message I should get, something like “installation done, did you expect more steps?” does not appear, and I only get the header wordpress.

    When I refresh the page, install.php tells me wordpress is already install. I then click on “log in”, try to login, and fail to log in. When I try to display wp_users and wp_usermeta, it shows 0 recording!

    FYI, I used the most simple login/password : wordpress/wordpress.

    (i) do any one know from where the problem could come?
    (ii) is there any means to create manually an user, just to get started, using phpmyadmin?

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Are there any errors logged in a file named error_log?

    Also, do you know how to use something like phpMyAdmin to see your database? Do you see anything in the users table?

    Hi banania, have you been able to make any progress on this issue?

    Hi imh_brad !

    Hmm, no I haven’t been able yet to address the issue, as I’m on professional duty today and tomorrow in Holland.

    I can’t answer your first question (by the way did you mean the error_log of wampserver? or is there and error_log in the wordpress folder?)

    To your second question: yes I know phpmyadmin (and SQL by the way), and I checkes both the users and usermeta table : it seems that wordpress installation record any user in there!

    Maybe I could do it “manually” but, when I tried to insert a record in user table, I did not know what to put in “key activation” field and “status” field.

    God! My message is not very clear.

    I meant :
    -“checked” not “checkes”
    -“no user” and not “any user”

    I can’t answer your first question because my personal computer is at home.

    And I forgot to thank you for your help (preventively :P). Sorry for being rude! 🙂

    Hi banania. I created a wordpress user for testing on my account. I set the username to newadmin and the password to password. This is what my database reflects:

    user_login: newadmin
    user_pass: $P$BfwAgQDfxBMfOLlXnyYX9sshAo/zy7.
    user_nicename: newadmin
    user_registered: 2011-10-26 12:36:46
    user_status: 0
    display_name: newadmin

    So you can leave the user_activation_key blank and user user_status as 0.

    Give that a try and let us know how it all works out!

    banania – You should check the error log of WAMP.

    I’ll give a try at all that tonight guys, and tell you.

    Ok, I try imh_brad solution, and wordpress just won’t log…

    I then uninstall wp, re-run the install, and try to check at the error log as Ipstenu suggested : the wampserver error log was empty.

    Hi banania,

    Our of curiosity, if you check your wordpress tables, are any of the other tables empty?

    When you went through the install, did you use any username/passwords with special characters / encoding / long length? You may want to try another install with short and basic user / pass combination (just for testing)

    Answer to your first question : only the “wp_options” table have 96 lines, all the other ones are empty

    Answer to your second question : no, I used something like user:wordpress, login:wordpress


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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