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    is it possible to install wordpress multisite on an addon domian using the method decribe on the wordpress site? using subdirectories or do i have to use subdomains?

    is there a way i can manually set multi site up in phpadmin after installing? if so is there anywhere i can see how its met to be structred?

    the reason i am asking if i can install it normally on an addon domian is i was looking in cplannel and i saw that it also creates a sub domian on the primary domian, which would require the sub domian install?

    any help would be great appreciated

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  • The way I understand it the multisite function only works well when installed in the root. When you start making ‘subsites’ you have the choice between subdomains and folders, but both are virtual, so no actual folders are created, WP just makes the browser think that there are subdomains or folders. All this is done in WP.

    so would i have to mess around with the dns or sometihg?

    I never tried it, but I suppose you can just make a DNS forward to the subblogs indeed.

    all good

    turns out it to do with bluehost not wanting you to have millions of sites. you can have subdirectorys using the force subdirectory link above IF its on you primary domian NOT an addon domian.

    i might have been able to have a deadacated ip but the would problly have given me brain cancer and made me dead

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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