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    I’m verry new to WordPress (as in, tonight) and while I’ve been around programming for a while, I tend to reinvent the wheel everytime I need to get a website done; needless to say, WMS software is a new ballpark to me. But I digress.

    I am working on a website right now for a company on a ridiculously tight deadline. The company has already decided the themes and domains for the website. They are also really insistant on using WordPress, which I’m all for. I’m just having some problems in some areas.

    The “main domain” set for the CPanel site has already been configured. Therein lies my problem. When uploading WordPress I generally install it in the public_html area, insuring that WordPress is to be seen by the public (correct me if I’m wrong anywhere, please.) But the only place I see the folder for my second domain, is under the “ETC” parent folder in CPanel’s file management area. Same goes for my FTP. Ergo, I keep putting it into public_html and it’s only coming up with the MAIN domain.

    How would I make wordpress work with the addon domain? Where do I install it?

    (I already have the new database setup…though I am getting an error from WordPress on the main domain that says it’s having trouble talking to the database…which I think is just because I haven’t set any fields for the DB yet.)

    If someone could please give me a complete high-functioning retard’s guide to getting this taken care of, I would be more than grateful.

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    When you setup an add-on domain in cPanel, a webroot is usually created as a subdirectory named similar to the domain.

    For example, an add-on domain for will probably be rooted at /public_html/newdomain/, and this is where you’d install WordPress for the add-on domain.

    Of course, not every hosting provider operates this way, so you should probably contact them just to be sure.

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