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  • I am intending to install wp.ORG on a Linux OS that already has wp.COM; my current blog resides there on the .com, do I need to uninstall the .com version prior to installing the .org? Will having both on the same sys cause problems? Will the install of the .org version overlay files onto the .com version? Will I be able to migrate my blog from the .com version onto the .org version without causing serious problems, damage or a nightmare for myself. Lately I’m hearing lots of chatter that I “should” be using the .org version because it’s geared more towards businesses, they imply there are significant differences…but nobody really makes it clear. Realizing that I’m on your site I’d really like to know the reasons to make the switch, the pros and cons. Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.

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    a Linux OS that already has wp.COM

    Nope. is NOT installed on your computer. You may *access* your blog from your computer via a browser, but it’s not installed there.

    Before you install wordpress on your computer, consider whether you want to make your computer a web server. Does it have the bandwidth? What would be exposed if your site were hacked? I strongly recommend that you install WordPress on a server that functions only as a server, not as your own desktop, and not on a computer in your house (because your home network is, inside the firewall, insecure). You’ll find the offical hosting recommendations here:

    As to comparing .com and .org:

    You’ll find lots of other comparisons via Google.

    Thank you Steve for your reply.

    I understand that is NOT installed onto my laptop but an access to it is…so when I request to Install, will it be installed onto my laptop or will it merely be an access also?

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    You’d install it on you laptop if you want your laptop to be the web server. If you want a local install for testing/development on a Windows or Mac laptop, I recommend Local by Flywheel If your laptop is Linux, you’re all set once you install a LAMP stack. is software to be installed on a web server.

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