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  • First a little background- I am a student at Texas A&m that is trying to help a professor here at the Univeristy migrate a website from a Joomla platform to WP. I have logged into the Dreamhost panel and used the One click installer to install WP onto the site from the root…I didn’t install it into a sub dir, even though the site is already built…hopefully that is not the stem of my problem?

    After 10 minutes or so I tried to follow the instructions to access or of these just lead me to blank pages..It won’t let me create an account and start working from the back end!

    Also..if anyone has tips or knows of an easy way to transfer the content from Joomla to WP that would be greatly appreciated!

    If I can just access the back end of the site I think I can replicate the content pretty easily if a complete transfer isnt possible. I just need to figure out what is going wrong with the installation?!



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  • Dear Sudhakar.

    Check out for error free installation on dreamhost.


    Thanks, I’ve seen a few videos on installing WP..and that site seems to have some good resources.

    I think I’ve figured out what is going wrong…My site is not pointing to dreamhost. I need to Mirror the site and then switch the DNS later on?

    Marvellabs didn’t seem to have any information on Mirroring though 🙁

    No Probs,
    Just login to your domain administration panel, and point your nameservers to

    Noramlly it would say it takes 48 hours to propagate your name servers but you can check after 5 mins. 🙂

    If you need more assistance, let us know

    Okay..I need a bit of clarification on that step.

    So once I created my mirror at:
    – Installed WP there, and selected it to mirror “”

    Will this automatically copy all of the content from
    – I can see that being good & bad, It makes copying the content over easy, but I also want to edit the formatting and templates for the site through WP.

    After the is the way I like it..I go into’s domain admin panel and point the name servers to…etc. like you said.

    – How can this make my mirrored site ( become realized?

    Mirroring is just a redirection.

    Once you decide to finalize things, everything can be moved to your site without losing any data.

    Marvel Labs, thanks for helping 🙂 That was awesome!

    r.sudhakar, are you okay now or do you need more help?

    Yes. Thank you for all your help!

    Luckily my manager said we needed to take this in another direction. we installed wp on another domain that was already pointing to our Host.

    On a unrelated note, I have moved most of the content over to our new site…I would link it but it is redirecting to our old one for the time being.

    I am using the Twenty Twelve Template. I created a “Home” page, and have that as the static page that loads for our URL, but the page title “Home” still shows at the top of the page…

    I have looked around for a solution, but haven’t had any success…

    I tried putting

    #post-96 h2 {display:none;}

    into the stylesheet…page 96 is the ID of the home page….any ideas?

    At the top of the page, or on the title bar?

    If you want to share a link, we can take a look.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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