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  • Hi,

    I want to install my main wp site in a subdirectory but run it as my main site at

    Is this possible and what should my subdirectory be called is it necessary to be named the same as the url?


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  • It is possible to do what you want to do with a redirect and or editing the .htaccess file.

    My question is why do you want to install wordpress in a directory and run it as your domain when you can simply install it in the root and run it as your domain?

    I have had no luck installing wordpress in my root folder. I installed it to my root directory although when I access my webpage at I get file not found… doesn’t work. I have uninstalled and re-installed 20 times to no avail.

    When you install wordpress, do you use Fantastico? or do you install wordpress manually? Also make sure that when you install it on the root directory you don’t have any files there that might impeded he installation.

    Please check this link Here you might find out why you have not had any luck running it from your root directory.

    Kind regards

    I have managed to get wordpress installed in a sub directory. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
    The reason I have chosen to do this is just preference, I prefer to have all my wordpress file in one folder and so the dont get mixed up with the rest of the files and folder in my root.

    One last question, is SEO going to be a problem if my main site is in a subdirectory?

    I can understand why you want to keep all the files in one directory. It can become messy if you work on the root. However it is better to work on the root with your domain and other sub domains install on other folders 🙂 Remember that you have to point to the correct url path if your website sits inside another folder…..usually through .htaccess file.

    In regards to SEO
    In my opinion it should not affect you much however many might say otherwise. Have a look at this link

    There are thousands of blog and forums that cover this topic.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    Thanks mbrsolution…..I have already managed to install WP in a subdirectory and have it load as my main site at

    But I would like to hear why its better to have the site in the root?

    I want it in a folder so I can have everything together, but if there are good reasons to have the site in the root I may have to think about it.

    please share

    You are welcome 😉

    In regards to your question please read this article

    This will give you a better understanding why some choose to work with the root and others choose a sub-directory. Either way is not wrong or right it is merely a preference 🙂

    I hope this helps you more.

    Kind regards

    Okay, thanks for the article very interesting….but im still not sure…is there a major downside to having my main site in a subdirectory instead of in root? I just dont want to have my wp files mix with oher files…..

    But if there is a big downside, like SEO, or anything else, then Ill think about it…….

    I think you will not have any problem and since you really don’t want to mess up your root directory then just install it in a sub-directory remembering to set the correct path in your .htaccess file.

    If you are concern about the SEO then keep an eye out regularly to see if your ranking changes in any way.

    Kind regards

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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