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  • Hello,

    I just finished following Justin Hileman’s great instructions to install Drupal in my /home/xxx/ folder. Then, from there, I used symlinks to put the necessary docs into my /home/xxx/public_html folder so that it would be accessible to the public. This way, according to Justin, it is much more secure because only the stuff I want the public to see is accessible.

    Then I started thinking…I have several blogs that I use WordPress for. Can I do this with WordPress as well? Does anyone have any good step-by-step instructions a la Justin’s?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Hello again.

    Does this mean no one knows how to do this? I hope there is someone out there that has created a set of instructions to do something like this.

    Then again, perhaps it’s not even possible.

    Jeremy Clark



    Not really, wordpress pulls all the content out of a database, it doesn’t create any static content.

    afaik you need to install wordpress multiple times. chroot is always your friend 🙂

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments.

    I don’t think I was clear, however, in what I’m trying to do.

    The instructions Sam sent were useful if I want to house my core docs while I want viewers to go directly to

    But I’m trying to place the core files outside of my public_html directory altogether. On my webhost, I have access to a level above public_html. Anything in that level above is available only to me. So, I have placed my Drupal core docs there (in a folder called /home/xxx/drupal/ All of the core docs are there.

    There is also a subfolder in /home/xxx/ called public_html, where all my website docs are. This is completely accessible by the public.

    With my Drupal install, I have symlinks connecting files in the private folders to folders in the public directory. This way, you the viewer can access my website, but it makes it that much harder to hack because all the core docs aren’t in the public side…only links to those docs appear in the public side.

    I am tying to do something like this with each of my installs of WordPress (I am aware that right now, I can’t run multiple blogs off one install–although if I can figure out how to do this type of install, I might look into WordPress MU.

    Does this clear up what I’m trying to accomplish?

    Thanks again everyone.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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