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  • Hello,

    i´m totally new to wordpress.
    I´d like to install on my Domain, but keep at least on folder of my old HTML based Webpage. I´ve used this one folder to load hundreds of images via ftp on my Domain and linked those images in different web forums. So to keep those links working and leading to my pictures, i´d like to keep this folder working. If i now install WordPress all of the old structure will be deleted, and even if i upload that special folder again, it doesn´t function anymore as html based destination.

    Do you know what i mean? Any workarounds for that?
    Kind Regards

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  • Backup the old site if you haven’t already done so then create a new subdirectory to hold your WordPress Install.

    Blog, WordPress, or WP usually is good.

    Once you’ve installed everything and ran WordPress a few times from that directory you can then follow these directions to get WordPress to run as if it was installed in your webroot.

    Since you will have already installed WordPress into a subdirectory you won’t need to move the WordPress install. I use Method II.

    You may need to delete or rename your old index or welcome file but this is pretty straight forward if you take your time and this will leave all your resources available from the old site except for anything that would have interfered with WordPress itself.

    You can even run a multisite this way if you ever have the need for that.

    If you notice old sections of the HTML site receiving hits you can redirect those into your WordPress… that’s a plus and a very good idea.

    Installing WordPress does not delete your other folders.
    WordPress does not interfere with existing folders and files. You can have existing html files that will still work. WP checks for existing files before loading.

    My preferred way to install WordPress is in a folder, not the root. WP can control the root even though the code is in a folder. There is a link on the Settings > General page for this:
    And if you install it in a folder, you can work on getting it set up without affecting your existing HTML site. Then when you are ready, you make two small changes as in that page, and WP will be controlling the root of your site instead of just a folder. Of course, you have to delete the old HTML files to use any new versions of them that you make in WP.

    Great info… Mayas Hummer

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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