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  1. liaaz
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I want to install wordpress at the root of my site however I want to keep the index/home page as my old index.htm file ,

    there are also many other static .htm pages in the site root folder

    is it possible that I install wordpress and get to keep my homepage as the index.htm file ?

    I just want to keep old pages as they are and while creating new pages using wordpress

  2. Unfortunately, you can't have WordPress installed in the same directory as a static index.html based site, as the index.html file will always be used over WordPress' index.php file. If you want to keep the static site in the root, you'll have to install WordPress in another directory, like /blog/.

  3. liaaz
    Posted 4 years ago #

    but by installing WP in /blog/ can I get URLs like www.mysite.com/wordpress-post ?
    or will all my urls contain the subdirectory path i.e like www.mysite.com/blog/wordpress-post

  4. That's correct. If you want mysite.com/wordpress-post you'll have to get rid of the static site currently in the root and install WordPress there instead.

    If you want to keep the static site in the root, then you'll have to install WordPress in another directory like /blog/, but your URLs will then be something like mysite.com/blog/wordpress-post .

  5. obscure
    Posted 4 years ago #

    WordPress allows you to set a wordpress page (as opposed to blog posts) as a static front page. Why not just copy the information from your current index.html page to wordpress page. You can do the same with the other old pages. That is what I did with my site.

    my static front page is at http://www.obscure.co.uk/
    my blog is at http://www.obscure.co.uk/blog
    and I have assorted pages for articles at http://www.obscure.co.uk/articles-2/

    You can set up redirects from the old html pages if you are worried that people will try to access the old pages.

    The big plus is that you have a unified style for your whole site and it is easy to change/maintain.

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