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    Yes, you can run 3.0-alpha out of a sub-directory and have multiple sub-blogs.

    It’s a bit tricky to get it to ‘run from root’ like you would with a standard WP install. I managed to get it so my front page showed the front page of my main blog, but the links are still and not or

    I managed to get WordPress 3.0-alpha. So where are directions for setting up multi-blogs, from root, sub folder, or whatever?

    I just downloaded WP 3.0,uploaded it to a subdomain, read the directions and did a fresh install to a newly created database.

    Nowhere at all did I see an option for multiple blogs. Nowhere.

    Kim Parsell


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    They now require you to add a line to your wp-config.php file to enable the Network link to be seen. Open wp-config.php and add this:

    define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

    Upload the file to your install and you should see a Network link under the Tools menu. Click that and you will be taken to a screen with the instructions on how to get multisite mode up and working.

    just following up on the thread, can wp3,0 beta be installed in the root directory and STILL create multisites?

    Oh, and what about the table prefix? How should that be setup in order to allow multisites?

    Kim Parsell


    WP Mom

    Yes, you can install it in the root directory and still create multisites.

    The table prefix for the primary install can be the default wp_ or whatever you choose for it to be. When you create new sites, WordPress automatically creates the new table prefix based on that. Example:

    Site 2 = wp_2_
    Site 3 = wp_3_

    Thank you for your response.

    One last question: How should the dns be set on the server? I have heard conflicting reports of how it should be set and am not sure how to proceed.

    Kim Parsell


    WP Mom

    If you are running one site and want to use multiple sites to manage larger sections of the same site using subdirectories, then there’s nothing you need to change.

    If you want to use subdomains or map other domains to the additional sites, then you need to read the following:

    Domain mapping requires a plugin to achieve:

    Andrea Rennick


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    “can wp3,0 beta be installed in the root directory and STILL create multisites? “

    that’s actually the preference.

    If you’re going to be running multiple sites with their own domain, you need to be able to park each domain on top of the main install, or you need to put in a wildcard named host in apache.

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