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  • Hi I installed WAMP using the default settings.
    When I run the wordpress install it opens a web page saying I need to:- 2.Open wp-admin/install.php in your browser
    When I click on wp-admin.php a window pops up saying Do i want to open or save this file so I click on open and install.php opens in Worpad.

    Next it says “1.If for some reason this doesn’t work, don’t worry. It doesn’t work on all web hosts. Open up wp-config-sample.php with a text editor like WordPad or similar and fill in your database connection details.”

    What database connections details do I have to put in. Also do I have to pre-configure the WAMP setup in order to have these details?

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  • You will find article and videos on how to install wordpress in wamp

    A couple of items need to be done in order to install.

    1. Download wordpress and know where your unzipped “wordpress” folder is located.
    2. Know where your WAMP document root is – I would expect it to be c:\wamp\htdocs for a default install
    3. copy the wordpress folder to your document root folder and leave untouched (this will be you base to install multiple test wordpress sites).
    3. while in Windows Explorer at c:\wamp\htdocs your should now see a wordpress folder.
    4. make of copy of the wordpress folder which should create a folder named wordpress Copy.
    5. Rename your wordpress folder to you new site test name (something for you to make up) for example testsite1
    6. you should now have a folder c:\wamp\testsite1
    7. Verify your WAMP Apache and MySql servers are active
    8. Go to localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser (or how ever you get to phpMyAdmin in WAMP
    9. in phpMyAdmin Create a new database – your name choice – something like testdb1 (remember this, it is needed for the install)
    10. while still in phpMyAdmin go to databases and click your database
    11. while still in your new database click the Privileges tab
    12 Click add new user – again give any name and password you’d like just remember them (also make sure server is “localhost”) – for our example you should have something like user = testuser1 and password testpass1.
    13. ******* now you are ready to Install WordPress *******
    14. In you browser address window type localhost/testsite1/wp-admin hit enter and you should begin the wordpress install dialogue (which should begin with an offer to create your config file – let it and then it will ask for the database info from above.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Dave, thanks for the reply.

    The only htdocs directory I could find in C: was C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\htdocs

    So I unzipped my downloaded folder wordpress-3.3.1 to
    Should it be in htdocs or one dir up?

    I then copied it to

    I created a user “admin” in my test “dave” database as you instructed.

    In my I.E. address window I type C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\htdocs\testwordpress\wp-admin
    and nothing happens.

    If I browse to C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\htdocs\testwordpress\wp-admin I see a load of .php files.
    If I double click on install.php a wordpad window pops up with its contents.

    If I click on the green W icon in my task window I can see PHP in the list and hovering over the W says the Wampserver is online.

    Do you know what I am doing wrong as I am at the same place I was before?

    Dave, I think the confusion it around what the document root means. I would think your WAMP control panel (with the green dots) should show you the current document root.

    Let’s assume that it is C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\htdocs\

    Then that directory will be brought up when you type “localhost” in your browser address bar (like If you only type localhost then it will look for something like index.htm or index.php to run.

    So since you installed WordPress in …\htdocs\testwordpress you would type localhost/testwordpress/wp-admin in your browser. Then once you complete the install you would type localhost/testwordpress to access your new spiffy site.

    I just use sub-directories (like /testwordpress) in my local document root to allow for many test sites. Then I access those sites with localhost/site1 or localhost/site2 etc…

    Does that make any sense?

    In Wamp you will find www when you open your wamp folder and www is your root and the reason we install wordpress in folder is that in www there is index.php file and (you can only have one index file in a folder) that is used for localhost programs

    Thanks Govpatel, I moved my wordpress folders from C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\htdocs\ to
    Now I can see them as projects when I type localhost in my browser.

    Wehay its working thanks guys.

    My plan is to develop my site locally on my PC then upload it to 1and1 or such like later.

    You are welcome

    I have tryed this and I’m getting “Error establishing a database connection” At a loss?

    @addboy: Check your MySQL server is running and also check database details in wp-config.php and check the data base sexists in your phpmyadmin.

    MySQL service seems to be running. Not realy sure how see if the server is running? Ilm trying to runn the word press file to make the config file when I get the error. The data base is in my PHPadmin withe user set up.

    Where exactly have you got your wordpess folder needs to be in www if you using Wamp

    Yes it is under the www dir.

    If you get the database error from the WordPress Install dialogue, you have it installed in the correct place.

    If you can run phpMyAdmin and see your database then your MySQL server is active.

    Please check the following:
    1. Browse to phpMyAdmin
    2. Click the home icon
    3. Click your database (to be in your database mode)
    4. Click the Privileges button on the top

    You should see your data base user with the following values:
    1. User = the name you gave it
    2. Host = localhost
    3. Type = database-specific

    Can you get this far?

    User is the my user name.
    Host is %
    TYpe is Global database-specific

    Is this right?

    Got it i found where to change host to local.
    thanks so much.

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