[resolved] Installing WordPress on ngix in a subdirectory next to main website (2 posts)

  1. MrNerdy
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am bit stuck with the following scenario:

    I am running a VPS with a LEMP-stack (Ubuntu 12.04 server, Nginx, MySQL, PHP-fpm). I changed my root directory to /var/www and succesfully managed to install WordPress in root following this tutorial, so that it is directly accessible from the main domain.

    However, I would like to run my main website, which is Non-Wordpress, in the root directory (accessible via example.com), while installing my WordPress-site in subdirectory of that domain (which should be only accessible on example.com/wordpress).

    I just spent 2 hours trying find a decent explanation on Google that covers this scenario. I would appreciate if someone could explain or show me a tutorial how to set this up (including correct nginx configurations).

    Thanks a lot for your advice.

  2. MrNerdy
    Posted 2 years ago #

    My issue is solved. Managed to get it installed in the intended way.

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