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    We have an IIS 7 server running on a Windows Server 2008 box. We currently have 4 instances of WordPress working on this server, hosting a number of different websites. When we try to setup & configure a new instance, everything goes through as it normally would – although when we try to visit the install.php location, we get Error 500: Internal server error.

    Permissions have been set on the entire WordPress directory to allow Everyone access. This should give full access; allowing us to get it installed – but unfortunately that is not the case!

    Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and could possibly help us out!

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Have you propertly configured your “wp-config.php“?

    You need to create a new wp-config.php or rename wp-config-sample.php and fill in all the required data in it. I’ve had the same issue when while setting up WP i forgot that trough install.php it doesn’t create wp-config.php like as for a quick example it does during a phpBB3 installation.

    On a sidenote – there is no need to set the Folder/File permissions to “Everyone“. It is fully enough to have the whole WP folder have Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read permissions assigned to IUSR, IIS_IUSRS, NETWORK SERVICE and then assign Full Control permissions for the “wp-content” to those listed users if you want to allow WP to install plugins/themes automatically (not a good idea to leave it open all the time like this either tho)

    Thanks for the prompt response!

    Yup, I have setup the wp-config.php file – I’ve removed the ‘Everyone’ permissions as you suggested and have attempted to enter each group individually.

    I was able to setup IUSR & NETWORK SERVICE, but I couldn’t select IIS_IUSRS (doesn’t exist apparently!)? Not sure why this is!

    I am able to access the readme.html in IE (in the root dir); although nothing else.

    I have copied and pasted the error I’m getting below.

    Server Error
    500 – Internal server error.
    There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

    Whenever I try to load index.php or install.php that’s what I get.


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    Really odd that you don’t have the IIS_IUSRS. I’m on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (Full not Core) myself, but if i remember correctly IIS_IUSRS did exist in the first release of Server 2008 as well, perhaps you tried finding the user account by inputting only partial name? I have had the same issues of Windows telling me a user account doesn’t exist, but when full name has been written it gets found after all.

    As for the 500 error, check the status of your PHP installation setup/config. My guess would be that PHP is crashing FastCGI and that may be the reason why you can’t access install.php. If installation set up /config looks allright you could check the IIS/PHP logs(can’t recall the exact location where they were stored). Have you even have Zend Server installed for PHP application development by any chance or it’s a standard PHP release for Windows?

    On another sidenote, WordPress is compatible being set up in a “Network Mode” in which you can have 1 physical WP folder set up, but have multiple WP websites run on it at the same time …. so instead of having 4 folders for 4 websites and needing to set up 4 admin accounts in each website, you could have 4 virtual WP websites controled trough 1 master admin dashboard where you would be able to create new WP Blog websites and assign their corresponding editors user accounts to them .. trough this you could also manage all the plugins/themes available to individual WP Websites while at the same time having all the plugins stored in the same single physical folder located on your HDD. This is an advanced WP configuration which can ease up the folder permission assignation for each WP website. If that would work better for you, you’ll be able to find a installation guide somewhere on WordPress website explaining how to set up WordPress in a Network mode.

    I also really doubt that this might be a .htaccess or a plugin issue since it’s a fresh installation.

    It was a permissions issue with PHP; all sorted now! Thanks everyone!

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    For the benefit of others who may run into similar issue, can you please explain what exactly you did? thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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