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    Hi, I am setting up my first blog and my first website, which I want to reside at HostGator. I am wanting to use FrontPage to publish my main site and use FTP to upload WordPress to HostGator, which uses cPanel. I contacted HostGator support who gave the following advice which I want to confirm with WordPress users before possibly creating conflicts at HostGator. Would someone with knowledge of HostGator let me know if the following advice is good?: “FTP can be used to upload files. When wordpress installs though, it creates an .htaccess file that contains redirect rules that it uses. When you install frontpage extensions or publish with frontpage, it will overwrite this file. I would recommend installing wordpress in a folder inside of the public_html directory and then use frontpage to publish to your main site. This should keep the files that wordpress uses separate and should not interfere with frontpage”. Also, do I download the WP software to my computer before and setup before uploading via FTP to HostGator? Thanks for any help you can give.

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  • Mezloh


    Why don’t you use fantasico in your cpanel to install wordpress. It is all automatic and takes a few minutes. there is even videos in hostgator to walk you though it.

    I used to use frontpage about 2 years ago but since I got turned on to wordpress frontpage just takes up space on my computers hard drive. Frontpage is worthless if you ask me.

    Fantasico is easy to use and my install went very easy.

    You’re right…installing was fast and easy through Fantastico…even got the e-mail confirming installation. Problem is, I cannot access site or even WordPress admin…any suggestions? Frustrated in California.

    WordPress will not work with frontpage enabled

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