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  • it might sound simple but this is my first time using WordPress & I need to upload it to a subfolder on my remote server. I’ve designed a site in Dreamweaver & I’m now re-designing it in WordPress so as I work on the WordPress version I need to upload it & give people access to it so they can help me with the difficulties I come accross. The problem is I’ve no idea how to do this. Where do I store & work on WordPress locally & how do I store it remotely? For now I’ve used Bitnami & am working with WordPress as a separate file in Dreamweaver.

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  • You will need to install a server on your computer to work with wordpress like XAMPP or Wamp if using windows or Mamp on Mac

    WordPress is a server based

    hi govpatel. i have installed Bitnami so i have Apache on my computer. what i need to know is how/where i store my wordpress in my dreamweaver file & also how to upload my file to my server as a subfolder? thanks. elizabeth

    You can not add wordpress to your dreamweaver as wordpress is php based and stand alone program you will need create a folder in root and install wordpress in that folder

    ok so my site root is a folder on my desktop. so i install wordpress into that folder. is that correct? i thought I could manage my WordPress files in Dreamweaver, no? i already put some files in and have been working that way. but i’m guessing. i’m learning php as i go. so where do I edit my php pages if not in Dreamweaver?

    Normally you do not edit any core wordpress files the only part you edit or add is plugins and themes and they are in wp-content folder.

    WordPress is not like dreamweaver where you create files for your pages in wordpress your data is saved in database.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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