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  • I am trying to install WordPress locally on my Mac using MAMP. The instruction says:

    Now it’s time to download WordPress. Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped the WordPress download, open up the “wordpress” folder. Click and drag all of the files from the wordpress folder to your MAMP document root (I use /Users/USERNAME/Sites/wordpress/).

    Lastly, we’ve got to run WordPress’ famous 5-minute install. Visit your local site (localhost:port or localhost:port/wordpress), and enter the following information into the database setup form:

    database name: wordpress
    database host/server: localhost
    database user: root
    database password: root

    Once that’s complete, enter a blog name and email address, and you’re ready to use WordPress on your Mac.

    I don’t understand what “Visit your local site…..” means. Can you help please?


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  • “Visit your local site” means open up Safari (or your browser of choice), and visit the URL localhost:80/wordpress

    Please note that the 80 in there is the port number, so that might need to be chagned depending on how you’ve installed MAMP.

    Thanks Michael, but when I do that I get an error message 404: not found. I installed MAMP with the basic install, using the instructions found here:

    Do you have any more advice? Please and thanks!


    Hi Sarah,
    You might want to try DesktopServer Limited ( It’s free and allows you to create multiple, isolated, wordpress websites in just a few seconds (as it includes wordpress and everything needed to get running right away). This makes it easy to play around on one site (break it even), another to test plugins and themes, and another just for getting work done. Here is a video:

    Yeah, so this is what you need to do.

    Start MAMP, and put in your password to active the servers.
    visit localhost/phpmyadmin, or click on the starter page button inside the mamp dialog box.
    create a database and name it anything you like. be sure you copy it, or write it down because it is case sensitive.
    Now, open up your applications folder from inside finder, or how ever you get to the applications folder. Find mamp and open that folder. inside of it there is a folder called HTDOCS.
    This is where you are going to unzip wordpress into. or you can unzip wordpress to your desktop, rename the folder and then drag it into /applications/mamp/htdocs/
    now, simply type this into the address bar of your browser. localhost/ and put the name of the folder. ‘localhost/test’
    Here you will see the set up for wordpress page. there will be a button that says “configure”. its the only button you can click.
    then it will tell you you need to define the 4 basic’s of wordpress. click ok or configure, again the only button you can click.
    Now you will be taken to a place where you can type in the name if the database, or the one you just created, the username is going to be ROOT and the password is going to be ROOT as well. leave everything else alone.
    now click set up, or configure, and then it will ask you to name the site, define a username and password, email and if you want google to index your site. click install and then youshould be good to go.
    I hope this helps you.

    Thanks to both of you. I’m going to try as that looks the most straightforward.



    Thank you for your details but I have some questions after finding this thread. I have the same problem: where the heck is the database setup form?

    The first step in your solution is to enter a password. To what password do you refer? MAMP did not make me create a password.

    Then I’m supposed to find HTDOCS but when I unzipped all I got were and and if when I open them all they do is reproduce themselves. (A separate but related issue.)

    Oh my goodness, this is just crazy! I’ll start a new thread.

    I’m sure that all the advice being giving is legit, and I for one appreciate it, but I’m also sure that sometimes there are things that vets take for granted that might seem so painfully obvious they’ve escaped attention. If this were CSS I would say there’s a missing semicolon somewhere in these well-meaning instructions.

    The codex says put the wordpress install anywhere you like, so long as MAMP is directed to the root through preferences. I actually have a SITES folder and named it wordpress, so my install was seemingly word for word the same as the codex, but still not getting it.

    HTDOCS? Ok, I’ll try that. I see where that is and even moved my folder over there, reassigned Apache to that new root, and MAMP is now apparently happy as a clam. Typing in any and all of the recommended localhost addresses and still nothing but an error.

    QUESTION: the admin panel is visible, is that what I’m shooting for? If not can you give us some idea of what will appear before us if it’s not the admin panel launchable from MAMP. It has a clear localhost address, but none of them correspond to any of the instructions for localhost in either the codex or the forum.
    When I clicked on the database earlier the information I was asked to manually enter was the default, by all appearances. I can’t again find that screen. There’s my wordpress database, click on it and it gives me a menu bar with tabs for Scructure, SQL, etc.

    ALSO and possibly related- “a newer version of phpMyAdmin is available and you should consider upgrading”. Well, fantastic. I’d love to. How?

    Anyone want to take a whack at these semicolons? dumb it down a bit and I promise I’ll be able to merge into traffic.

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