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  • Dave Young


    I’m migrating an existing WP site from another host to a VM Instance on Google Cloud Platform. I have backed up all WP files locally, logged into the GCP file structure via FTP, and am ready to upload. Question is: which of the 4 folders created during the setup is the root for WP. The 4 choices are: highest level folder and apparent root on GCP (identified only with a “?”), next level down is a folder named “home”, and 2 third-level folders named “admin” and “dave” (that’s me). I tried uploading to “home” already and the upload failed completely. Thought I would ask here before I tried any other folder since each upload takes over 40 minutes, then another 40 minutes to delete the files if it doesn’t work. Any info would be appreciated.

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  • JNashHawkins


    Well, just a guess but, I imagine the two lowest level accounts are users created by whatever Google uses as a control panel (or the admin did it)…

    My guess is the top level or the one you tried already that didn’t work…

    If it was me I’d probably ask Google support though if it’s not documented.

    You could visit the host via the IP address or domain name with a web browser to see what you get. You should see an index of the directory or an index.html. Modify via FTP the index.html there or add one if you get a directory listing and watch for your change(s). Now you’ll know your public directory exists and which one it is.

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