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  • I’m new to using wordpress (and installing it) and am trying to get it installed to the website however I already have a script installed in the main directory and would feel safer installing wordpress in its own directory – such as “wordpress”.

    I’ve gone through the support forums here and read some of the relavant topics regarding installing wordpress in another directory and general installation. I just want to make sure I’m doing this right as I feel I may be over complicating the process.

    Would I be able to just upload the wordpress directoy (after making the changes to as stated in the install instructions to reflect the SQL database) and follow the rest of the steps to add on the “wordpress” directory in the paths of the files that are stated to need such changes for installation?

    All I want to know is that afterwards would I be able to have successfully installed WordPress and have it where is where the blog would appear by taking these actions to get it installed.

    I sincerly appreciate any help and assurance with this I just want to make sure I am taking the right actions. Thank you again.

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  • If you want “blog” then do NOT upload the “wordpress” folder – ONLY the content of it in a subfolder you make. Obviously, you should name your new subdirectory “blog” and upload there all the content of the “wordpress” directory: the 3 subfolders and all the files!

    Then for install you go …. and follow the instructions.

    Hi there

    GREAT question impactfitness2k!

    I’ve been searching for this stuff too, but I just can’t seem to turn up much. Maybe my search skills are pants! ;-P

    Good reply moshu, but it’s still a slight bit gobbledy-gook to me, I’m afraid. (Hope it made sense to you, impactfitness2k!)

    I don’t really understand what will/should happen if i follow your directions. For example, here is another way to ask the Q that i THINK the OP was asking (and if it’s not, then I’m REALLY sorry for hijacking the thread!):

    * Can I have a fully-functioning WordPress blog with all the plug-ins and functionality that people get on a
    “” URL, but…

    …on the followingstyle URL:

    “” Is this possible?

    * Then, question 2… how do I do it?

    (In the least techie talk possible please for, well… non-techies like me! :o) After all, WordPress is always touted as being plug’n’play, no-brainer stuff, but I’m finding that to not be the case exactly)

    Thanks so much!



    You are completely hijacking it, yes.

    Every question related to wordpress.COM should be asked at their forum!


    chill, dude.

    I only just realised that there is a “dot com” AND a “dot org” version. Call me a noob, fine. I am. To blogging.

    But when I posted my question, I’d ended up here from the WordPress.COM page somehow (via various links, obviously). Same logo, same layout, easy mistake to make, I reckon.

    But poking around here a little more, it seems that WordPress.ORG is, in fact, what I’m after. As I said, didn’t realise there was a difference. So what I asked is related to wordpress.ORG and I still think relevant to the OP.

    Thanks for your helpful input, Mod, and your careful reading of my question.


    i’ve installed wordpress in a directory called HOME. so the blog address is

    while “” gives nothing

    how can I have “” take me straight to the site.

    thanks for your help.




Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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