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    It seems to me that it should be possible to install WordPress in a folder on a WordPress website, but when I did this, I had a problem that I couldn’t resolve.

    I installed WordPress in a folder called “members” inside a WordPress website. The install was done using cpanel’s site software installation routines, so if there were any error or warning messages generated, I didn’t see them.

    The problem I had with the site was the the landing page always gave me a page not found error.

    When the posts list was the landing page I got a page not found error every time I went to the landing page

    I changed the “Reading” parameter to make a page called “Welcome” the home page. When I did that, clicking on Welcome in the navigation menu resulted in a page not found. So I changed the landing page to “About”. Then clicking on Welcome resolved correctly, but clicking on “About” resulted in a page not found.

    This was the case when I used the default page naming, and when I changed permalinks to the name of the post.

    Is it possible to get a working installation of WordPress going inside a folder of a WordPress website? What do I need to do to get around this landing page problem? Or did I mess up some aspect of the installation?


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  • Yes, you can have other WP sites within another; I have many set up in this manner.

    To clarify, when you are changing the “Reading” parameters and the other items you mention, you are doing these from a successful login to the Admin dashboard after going to

    If so, in Settings > General do you have:

    WordPress Address (URL)=
    Site Address (URL)=

    What is the URL of the landing page when you get the not found error?

    Okay, confession time. I was working with a deadline to get this done, so I uninstalled WordPress and did a work around to achieve members-only pages.

    But I reinstalled this morning and tried to reproduce the problem. And I get a different problem.

    I added three pages – Welcome, About, Contact – and deleted the Sample page, in that order.

    In Reading I switched to Static and selected Welcome.

    The main navigation menu contains Home, Welcome, About, Contact. A click on Home gives me the postings page. A click on Welcome also gives me the Welcome page.

    The text of the Welcome page says “Welcome to the members only site.” I went into Edit the page from the dashboard. When I “Preview Changes” I get a very quick “redirect” to the post listings page, with no sign of the Welcome page.

    Having said all that, I noticed on this WordPress installation that there was an option “Enable Multisite WordPress” which I left unchecked. Is the problem that I should have said “yes” to enable a WordPress site within a WordPress site?


    No, you are installing 2 copies of WP site not a multisite. To change the front page (home), go to

    WP Admin > Settings Reading > Static Page > Front Page > Select Your Page

    As I said in my previous post, I did change the home page to a static page, but that caused the problem: the menu item “home” still appears in the navigation menu and sends you to a post listing. Likewise, the page I created and set as the static landing page leads to the post listing, as well.

    I opened this as a problem ticket with my hosting company, and they think this is due to a but in WordPress 3.5.1. Is there any confirmation for this?



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    It is not a bug in WordPress core but it could be an issue in your theme.

    Thanks for the tip. After a lot of messing around, I finally did conclude that it is an issue with the theme.

    Many thanks…Duane

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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