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  • Hi there,

    I am having trouble installing the release candidate of word press 3.0 on iis. I have tire installing on localhost and I have tried on a hosted server. The specs of the servers:

    IIS 7.5 Windows 7

    Hosted server:
    Shared hosting
    IIS 7

    I have had word press installed on both servers and have word press mu installed on the hosted server. For some reason when i upload the word press files to the hosted server or move them into a sub directory of wwwroot on my localhost I get a 500 error. No idea why?

    Any suggestions.
    Best regards

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  • Having the same problem. Unfortunately I don’t have many privileges on the server.

    maybe this’ll help somebody.

    Looks like IIS can’t handle multisites, which is now bundled with WP3? Any advice?

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    Did you see this old post?

    Also suggestions are:
    1) Don’t use Multisite on IIS
    2) Don’t use IIS.
    3) Troll and see if someone fixed this for MU (which is MS, basically)

    Might be late to responsd here but you can try installing WP 3.0 using the Web Platform Installer here,

    What are the differences between the Microsoft installer (with which I have been *almost* successful) and Ramoonus’ solution in the post above?

    Bump, baby.

    I too am very interested in properly installing WordPress 3.0 on WIMP (Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP). I did an install already, based on official instructions, and found that my “pages” did not work – i.e., the directories automatically created for pages were “empty.” Worse, when I tried to enable Multi-site functionality (i.e., networks) using some IIS instructions, it failed and my networking Admin Page continued to imply that I had not configured the web.config file correctly. Ugh. Anyone do this successfully? If so, how? One of the methods above?

    I just installed wordpress on a godaddy IIS windows server and I have to say that I don’t recommend it. While wordpress itself works decently, besides the image uploading feature, many of the plugins that you are going to want to use simply will break. There is no benefit to hosting your site on a Windows based server. Simply switch to a new server like Linux/Apache. I had the same arguement to my client so I hope they switch. Going forward, I’ll simply just not take on any projects that have windows hosting as there are too many glitches. Oh yeah, one last important thing. I love wordpress for the permalinks. These don’t work on the windows hosting either.

    Best solution: If you like wordpress, make your life easier and don’t host on IIS/Windows. You’ll be a lot happier in the long run.

    I have had WordPress running under IIS for many years without major problems. WordPress runs under PHP, and as long as the PHP setup is ok, then WordPress and any plugin will run. I have tried and are using hundreds of plugins, and I have never come across one that doesn’t run because of IIS.

    Pretty permalinks is dependent on a rewite module on the web server. This is true for Apache and for IIS7. So there is noe real problem with permalinks.

    The question on platform is a question on which platform you are familiar with, and the server provider.

    I run my own servers and have no knowledge on GoDaddy.

    Check out IIS 7 forums

    Are you sure that you are using administration priveleges to do the install. Are the priveledges on the folder set properly?

    I’ve tried to follow all the official instructions to install php as a service ad mysql on my IIS 5.1 on XP SP2. No luck with that. Tried to update my Web Platform installer to install WordPress. It complains about something about needing XP SP 3.

    Also tried to independently install Apache Server php and mysql. Apache kept complaining about something. Took it out.

    Found WAMPServer whilst searching for how to solve the Apache Server. I now operate version 2.1 and have been able to install WordPress 3.1 on it and have succssfully updated to version 3.1.1. I run it on port 80 and since I still developed using windows IIS I just switched that port to port 8080 (my free port).
    Just installed joomla as well and everything runs well.

    Anyway have you checked IIS 7 forums out as yet:

    If you or anyone here is interested in WampServer, check out the links below:

    hope this helps.

    can anyone guide how can i make my own program for edit or make a new post in my site like a wordpress..

    Didn’t quite understand the first part of your request. the second part, if you mean you want to know how to make a new post here are the steps.

    Login to your wordpress dashboard: the link looks something like this:
    or on localhost

    To the left of the screen you’ll see a menu. Look for Posts.
    Click on Posts.
    Next to the title Posts written on the page you’ll see an add new button.
    click on it
    An empty post will now pop up ready to be filled in.
    When you are done you publish it by click the Publish button to the right of the screen. (existing posts will have update instead of publish).

    hope this helps

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