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  • I’m not really understand how exactly to install WordPress. I have a MacBook Pro so I downloaded the MAMP thing that I have to have in order to run WordPress, but now I am stuck. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do after I download and unzip the WordPress file.

    While I am handy with a computer, I am not computer tech savvy so if someone could explain the process to me in Layman’s terms I would greatly appreciate it!!

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    Hi does anyone know how I can contact word press support? the reason is because I have 2 other log ins for word press & want to know where this one came from maybe from some company I may be paying for hosting or something ell’s Happy New Year Sue

    These forums are the only support for WordPress. But you may have 3 different logins for WP –

    this site – WordPress.ORG
    any WordPress site you’ve created
    WordPress.COM (not the same as WordPress.ORG – here)

    Any logins for hosting companies are not related to WP.


    Note: in this example, I am using wp38 as the name for the database and folder; you can use whatever you want, just make sure there are no spaces.

    With MAMP running (both servers “in the green”):

    – from the MAMP panel, click Open start page
    – click phpMyAdmin
    – click the Databases tab
    – in the Create database field, enter wp38 then Create
    – create a new folder in Applications/MAMP/htdocs and name it wp38
    – copy the contents of the extracted WP download into this folder
    – there should now be 20 items in the wp38 folder: 3 folders, 15 PHP files, 1 TXT file and 1 HTML file
    – enter http://localhost:8888/wp38 to start the install
    – at the first screen, click the Create Configuration File button
    – at the next screen, click Let’s go!
    – at the next screen enter:

    — Database Name:wp38
    — User Name:root
    — Password:root
    — Database Host:localhost
    — Table Prefix:wp_

    – click Submit
    – at the next screen click Run the install
    – at the next screen, fill out as required
    – REMEMBER: the Username and Password you enter HERE, is for the WP Admin Log in. This is what you will use to get to the Dashboard of your WP site.
    – for local installs, I un-check the Privacy option
    – click Install WordPress
    – at the next screen (Success!), click Log In and use the credentials you just entered.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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