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  • justkeepblogging


    I have read through the documentation and searched Google and can’t figure out how to add 2 blogs to my local server. I see how to intall 2 blogs and know how to add one to my local host, but this escapes me.

    I want to work on two unrelated blogs that will be on two different domains. I have XAMPP installed and am using Vista and already have one blog installed. It’s the adding the second that I can’t piece together.

    I’ve added the second database ot my XAMPP. I just need to know how to install WP to it and get it working.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  • stvwlf


    Why are you feeling installing the second is more complicated than installing the first? Are you installing into a folder or using a virtual sub-domain on localhost? If you are installing into a folder, just load the WP files into the other folder, set up the wp-config, run the install program from wp-admin in the new folder, and you should be good to go.

    Basically, do what you did for the first install again, just in a different folder or virtual host.

    If I’m not understanding something, please explain.

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