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  • Hi,

    I’m having no end of trouble trying to get tinybrowser installed and working with tinyMCE. I’m using the default install, with no other plugins.

    The readme that comes with tinybrowser reads as follows:
    The standard TinyBrowser installation, this integrates TinyBrowser as a custom
    file browseer with TinyMCE.

    1) Copy the tinybrowser folder and contents to your TinyMCE plugins directory.

    2) Place the following javascript link after the link to TinyMCE (tiny_mce.js):

    <script type=”text/javascript”

    ***NOTE:*** The above link assumes TinyMCE is installed in your website root
    directory, you will need to amend the link to your specific setup!

    3) Add this line to your TinyMCE init:

    file_browser_callback : “tinyBrowser”

    4) Edit the TinyBrowser configuration file (config_tinybrowser.php). The most
    important settings are the file paths (these will be automatically created on
    your server by TinyBrowser if they do not exist) and also the ‘obfuscate’
    property, which should be set to a random value.

    ***NOTE:*** If your server is Unix-based. you may wish to modify the
    $tinybrowser[‘unixpermissions’] config value, which decides permissions.

    5) All done! Now you will see a browse button in the TinyMCE dialog windows for
    plugins like image, media and link – just click this button and TinyBrowser
    will appear.

    I haven’t got anywhere with these instructions, which are not written specifically for WordPress. I can’t find the call to tiny_mce.js, although I have grep’d through every file on the server. I have had no luck adding it to post.php as an external plugin, although I could well be doing something wrong there. (I can post that bit of the file if it would help.)

    Anyone got any ideas?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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