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  • samehx


    im on dreamhost, and my blog is

    I am trying to install a plug in, and i have installed the pre-configured version of wordpress given to me by dreamhost. But whenever i try to install a plugin, i fail to get pass the demand for hostname, user and password…
    may be there is an easy answer but i can see it…
    all help appreciated

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  • Samuel B


    it will be the same credentials as your ftp

    hostname – or ftp
    same user/pass you use for this



    Hi Samboll. Many thanks but it does not work. Doing my head in. Any ideas?

    yogi sydney


    try your IP numba not your URL (domain name)



    i’m having the same issue. my blog is, i’ve tried as the hostname, as the hostname and every concievable password (my password for my ftp, my wordpress login, ect). no luck.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    It should be

    Host: (or try
    ID : FTP ID
    Pwd : FTP password



    And they say this stuff is so easy. After almost 10 years I still can’t keep up with all the ftps, abcs, xyzs, etc. I know that puters and programs r stupid and we and programers r not. BUT!!!

    So, what ta h is ftp??? I no i no but….


    ftp – File Transfer Protocol
    http – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

    sftp is just Secure FTP.

    Honestly, I work in computers and sometimes I sit there going ‘What the…’ too. Check out – It has the simple explanation of this stuff. Like a low-techie explanation of FTP

    after some trying i managed to install plugins in this way:

    hostname: url without www.
    username: the one you use for uploading with a ftp program
    password: the one you use for uploading with a ftp program

    this username and password i got sent by my website hoster

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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