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  • Quick question about this: in the instrux linked from the changelog, Step 2 sez
    “Copy the index.php file from the wordpress directory into the root of your site. “
    Do you actually mean “copy” rather than “move”? Is the original file, /wordpress/index.php, still referenced by anything? Do I need to maintain it, applying any customizations I make to the one at the root to the one under the WP dir? If not, please change the docs — copy and move are different, and I tend to do *exactly* what an installation guide tells me. If tey *are* both referenced, than it’s a bad hack; I don’t want to maintain two very-similar-but-subtly-different files.
    Oh, and I hope the cookie issue gets revisited soon; the first thing I noticed when I moved the index page was the lack of Edit This links — the feature I very first pointed out to my wife, who will be the primary user, as one of the cool things she will get with WP.
    Keep up the good work!

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  • It says copy because if something goes wrong you still have the original index.php and you can delete it later, if everything gets up and running fine.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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