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    I have a domain that I am transferring from one host to another. My current installation is at which works fine (this is the one I am cancelling). My new host temp URL is I have done the WP install on the new temp URL (through Control Panel – Fantastico) but when I try to get to /wp-admin it redirects me to the panel and not the new temp URL admin.

    Can anyone please tell me if it is possible for me to access WP admin for my temp URL so I can create my site there before closing down my existing hosting?

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    All you need to do is get a mysql backuo from your old host. Import that into the new database, removing whats currently there now.

    (Thats ALL done within the 2 hosts phpmyadmin interfaces, and has nothing to do with accessing your wordpress installs.)

    your site will then work before, during, and after the dns switchover. YOU are the one who just need to wait until the dns has propagated — but then you shouldnt have to do anything either.

    If you do not like that idea, you can always edit your hosts file to point your domain to the new IP.

    Thanks.. Im pretty new to this so I will have to read up on how to acheive this.. At least I have a starting point now.. Cheers

    well, you can wait for the dns to update, or else if you really want to do it before they change, then see the step 4 on this article about changing settings in database:

    [link moderated, please place pertinent information in Codex]

    Thanks nabtron – that worked and all is good.. I am having some sidebar issues (which I have posted about) but other than that your advice worked..Cheers

    USeful links and replies! Thanks. I am shifting to and landed here.

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