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  • Hi Everyone,

    Not sure if this is a common requirement, but here goes…

    I have quite a few web sites I host for my clients & a lot of them are switching over to a WP driven site – under my recommendation!

    But to set them up while the old site is running seems to be tricky under Pleask.
    ( currently on 8.6 ).

    So I can access the site once the domain is setup via the IP address, but after I install WordPress, it get’s tricky! It does not seem to like it and keeps removing the IP address and changing the URL to be the real URL.

    I’d be interested if anyone else has this scenario and has any tips on how to get around it….

    I guess one way is to set it up locally ( I use XAMPP ), and then upload everything and export/import database – But this is more time consuming.

    cheers Dave

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  • dave, i am using you know how to install wordpress using ftp? can you help me? thanks

    Moderator James Huff


    If your host allows you to connect to your site via IP, then do the initial installation via that IP. This will force WordPress to recognize the IP as the domain and you can change this in Settings/General when you’re ready to point the domain to the server.

    If you initially did the install under the domain, but want to use the IP now, you’ll have to change the siteurl and home values to the IP in the database.

    A very common alternative is to point the domain to the server, keep the old site where it is in the root directory, install and develop WordPress in a subdirectory (ex:, and move it when you’re ready to go live.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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